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This website is for all National Socialists, Nationalists, and White Separatists and nationalists. Do you wonder what a white nationalist or national socialist is? Below is a speech that declares the intentions of a National Socialist organization.


A Proclamation of the Intentions of National Socialism
by Michael Brown
"Since the dawn of our country, others have watched our exploits with great interest. One group with a particular interest. One group in particular has watched us and envied the glory of our nation and sought to rob us of our pride. They want all the wealth of our Aryan people. They want to take that for which our brave ancestors fought and laid their lives down. In doing so, they are spitting on the graves of the great warriors of our race, and they will trample us, their Pure European descendants, through complete control of the economy. They manipulate the stock market, the banks, and corporate enterprise to slowly strip us of everything our supreme race has worked so hard for thousands of years to achieve. Through the media these sniveling backstabbing Jews are covering up their crimes. Their propaganda has even brainwashed and compelled some of our own to join their cause, or to ignore their atrocious actions. However, the vast majority or our people are far too intelligent to fall prey to these false claims against national socialism's intentions. We are not the initial instigators. Once this begins they will be seeking the end to their so-called persecution, but there will be no end. This war has not been declared by us. They have declared one upon us. Each and every one of our glorious people will now be fed plentifully and will know why they could not be before. Everyone must become aware of the lavish purchases that were made by the greedy and corrupted wealthy Jews that led to our economic downfall, and will continue to do so until they are punished. Their greedy accumulation of massive hordes of wealth has led to our suffering. They will pay dearly and severely for these offenses. Our punishment of them will remain continuously unrelenting until any remnant of the former society they had tried to establish while placing themselves at the top of our social hierarchy in a land to which they are not native and we are is completely and utterly erased from our lands and remains only a distant and horrible memory. The Jews will be desperate. They will cling to the sympathy of other nations for aid. Their propaganda against us will be great, but the European and white people are too wise to succumb to it. More and more people are realizing the truth every day, and we must all become aware of it. We have been shown a light that cannot be contained once it has been unveiled. The Jewish filth can no longer slowly and secretly rob our beautiful and wonderful nation's treasury with their profit motivated underhanded tactics all for the sake of satisfying their insatiable lustful greed. It is not only I who must stop them! It must be all of us. All members of our race must take to the streets proudly and triumphantly to declare our superiority and patriotism. We must have the courage to rise up and say, "These Jews will exploit and starve us and our children no longer! We must be brave, and do that which is necessary to achieve this, my comrades. All our names will be praised when we bring glory and wealth back to this country. To all of you who are willing to help our people rise from this oppression and turmoil, I salute you, Sieg heil!"©


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